Nineveh box difficulty is medium

Box Details:

OS: Linux

Exploitable service: vulnerable web application (LFI and public exploit), chkrootkit, knockd

Difficulty: Medium

Estimated time: 3 hours

Lessons learnt from the box: Essential web directory bruteforcing, username enumeration via webpage, password brute forcing with hydra, weak passwords was used, Steganography, vulnerable php web app(LFI and RCE)…

HTB LAME (NO Metasploit) OSCP Prep

Hackthebox LAME Walkthrough (NO Metasploit) OSCP Prep.

Box Details

OS: Linux

Exploitable service: SMB

Difficulty: Easy

Estimated time: 45 minutes

1. Run NMAP scan to detect open ports

start with a full scan

This scan shows there are 4 ports open and shows the service running on the ports

Felix Meggison

I'm a cyber security analyst who wants to be a Professional penetration tester. Currently working on getting my OSCP certification.

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